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Top 10 Best Business Analytics Course Online

Business Analytics is the process of solving the complex problems of a business using data analysis and other tools. The field of Business Analytics is booming now and is most suitable for those who are looking forward to growth in their career, especially in today’s competitive world. Hence, this blog will discuss the Top 10 Business Analytics course online, if you are looking to learn and grow in this field.

Following Is The List Of The Top 10 Business Analytics Course Online:

1.) Henry Harvin’s Business Analytics Course Online:

Henry Harvin offers a Business Analytics course online. It trains individuals with the essential skills needed and the course is approved and recognized by many IITs and IIMs. Students will also be given a global certification as Certified Business Analysis Specialists (CBAS) that helps the learners to redefine their careers in this competitive world. The course duration is a combination of live classes, projects, E-learning, and many more.

Business Analytics Course Online By Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin offers many courses under Data Science and Analytics Academy. Some details of the Business Analytics course online are

  • Business Analysis Course online – 24 hours
  • Business Analytics course using R
  • Business Analytics course using Python
  • Free Business Analytics course using Python which covers only the basics.

The fee is Rs.15,000/ with EMI options available.

2.) Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization At Coursera:

This Business Analytics Specialization offered by Coursera helps the students to learn about how businesses make data-driven decisions. Along with that, helps the students to achieve fluency in Business Data strategies. This course is a combination of four courses and helps the students to gain skills such as customer analytics, regression analysis, simulation, decision tree, etc. The course is in the English language with a shareable certificate.

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At Coursera, one can audit this course for free and pay to learn the course. The payment depends on the months one wishes to enroll in this course.

MonthsHours per weekFees per monthTotal fee
3 months6Rs.4291/Rs.12,873/
6 months3Rs.3218/Rs.19,310/

3.) Excel To Mysql: Analytic Technique For Business:

This course is a combination of 5 specializations. Taking up this course, one will learn how to drive the business further by turning data into value and identifying and analyzing key metrics. Skills one will learn from this course are excel, SQL, business analytics, etc. Any beginners can take up this course without any prior experience or knowledge. The course contains one capstone project on optimizing revenues in residential property and Airbnb.


MonthsHours per weekFees per monthTotal fee
3 months9Rs.2661/Rs.7984/
6 months3Rs.1996/Rs.11977/

4.) MBA In Business Analytics By BITS Pilani:

It is one of the UGC-approved courses and can be pursued online. Candidates who are already working and those who want to upgrade their career in Analytics can pursue this program. The course will make the students stand out in this highly competitive world. It is a work-integrated learning program. Besides, one can learn this program without taking any breaks in their career as online classes will be conducted on weekends for this course.

Course Highlights:

  • Access to the latest software tools and innovative state-of-art tools lab.
  • Practitioner-oriented learning for the students.
  • Project in the final semester helps the students to apply their skills and knowledge in real time.
  • Experiential learning with simulations, labs, etc.

Course Details:

  • Fees: 60,500/ per semester (EMI options available with 0% interest)
  • Total semester: 4
  • Eligibility: Suitable for working professionals

5. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization By The University Of Colorado At Coursera:

This Business Analytics course online helps students to gain real-world analysis skills. In addition, students will learn how to use data to solve complex problems in a business. The students will gain skills such as Data Analysis, Data visualization, predictive modeling, data analysis, etc. People with some experience or knowledge in the related field can learn this course. It is a combination course of 5 specializations and the course will be in the English language with subtitles in many languages.

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MonthsHours per weekFees per monthTotal fee
3 months5Rs.2661/Rs.7984/
6 months3Rs.1996/Rs.11977/


6.) Business Analytics Course Online By Harvard University:

This course was designed and prepared by the top experts in AI and Data Science and by three Harvard Schools with the help of different departments. The program will help the learners to transform themselves into leaders in the field. The hallmark of this program is the case study that helps the students apply their skills in the real world and learn from them.

Fees Details:

The course is available both full-time and part-time. The total cost of the program is $51,500 which includes the cost of classes, seminars, in-person immersions, and certification also. However, to know the costs for the full-time programs and part-time programs according to parts, it is best to check on their website.

7.) PGP In Data Science And Business Analytics – Great Learning:

Great learning is an online learning platform that offers many courses. On this platform, the University of Texas offers a Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics course online. This course prepares you to be industry ready with dedicated support. It is specially designed for working professionals with an opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime. Along with that they also provide the following services as

  • Mock interviews with experts
  • Personalized resume and LinkedIn reviews
  • More than 100 job posting notifications every month

Course Details:

  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree with 50%
  • Duration: 11 months with 225 hours
  • Fees: 2,50,000/ + GST with EMI options available
  • Learning more than 9 tools and languages

8.) MBA In Business Analytics By Anna University:

This Business Analytics course online is offered by Anna University which is the largest and Asia’s oldest Technological Institute situated in Chennai. The course contains videos and audio materials and provides various other learning experiences such as virtual labs, simulations, etc. For complete details and curriculum, one has to check out their website.

Course Details:

  • Eligibility: Graduation in the relevant field
  • Admission process: Online Education Entrance Test (OEET)
  • Semesters: 4 to 8 semesters as per UGC norm

9.) Data Analysis And Presentation Skills:

This course is offered by Coursera using the PWC approach. Another specialization of the final approach is also available in this course. It helps the learners to make smarter business decisions for Data analysis by understanding data and analytics in business strategies. No prior experience is needed to learn this course and it is especially helpful for PWC employees.

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MonthsHours per weekFees per monthTotal fee
3 months6Rs.2661/Rs.7984/
6 months3Rs.1996/Rs.11977/

10.) Business Analytics Nanodegree Program By Udacity:

This Business Analytics Course Online helps students to gain basic foundational skills suitable for any industry. Udacity is the online learning platform for learning courses and this course is offered in collaboration with Mode. The course offers real-world projects from industry experts, technical mentor support along with career services.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Fees: 5713 per month and Rs.15,420 for 3 months


This is the era of a technological revolution with a lot of changes and advancements in technology taking place at a rapid speed. Along with that, the world is also evolving and new careers are rising. This opens up the world to new opportunities for working professionals as well as freshers. Business Analytics Course Online can definitely be a good choice in today’s world as many businesses are using this to improve their businesses.


1.) Can I learn Business Analytics courses for free?

Ans. Yes, there are many free courses in Business Analytics online. Especially at Coursera, even paid courses can be audited for free without any certificate.

2.) What basic skills does one need to have to learn Business Analysis?

Ans. If you are doing a basic course, knowledge of operating a PC with the ability to download and install applications is enough. The eligibility varies with specialization or PG programs in this field.

3.) What is the scope of Business Analytics in the future?

Ans. As per reports, the field of Business Analytics will continue to grow in the future with a lot of job opportunities.

4.) What is the best online course for Business Analytics?

Ans. The best course depends on individuals according to their level and flexibility.

5.) What is the Fees Currency?

Ans. Its Indian Rupees

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