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How To Piece Together The Best Personalized Photo Albums For Your Travels?

It’s meant to be the most exciting time of your life, yet some of us become so stressed with the rigors of taking photographs that we forget that element of it. We are so focused on taking enough photos for mom and dad back home, or so we can boost our Instagram statistics, that the enjoyment-factor suddenly evaporates.

Well, this is what today’s article is all about. In a bid to help you put together the best personalized photo albums for your travels, take a read of the following suggestions which can help you as you jet around the world.

Make Your Photos Tell A Story

This is probably one of the hardest tips to follow – but on the plus side it’s not very technical and just related to how you approach your subjects.

In short, you want to have a purpose for your photography. You don’t just want a static photo; you want something that is going to explain to others exactly what happened on your trip. If a monkey was attempting to steal food from tourists, try and grab the moment on your camera. Don’t just take a photo of the monkey on its own. This is something that can really bring your shots to life and allow others to truly enjoy your photography when they open the album upon your return home.


The Leading-Lines Technique

This next suggestion is slightly more technical, but it’s not related to any functionality on your camera or anything else under such lines. Instead, it’s a technique to make sure that the subject of your photo is under maximum focus.

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One of the best ways we have found to do this is to take advantage of lines. This might be a train line, an alleyway, or anything else in the natural landscape which provides you with lines leading up to your subject. Fortunately, travel photography is something that tends to offer such lines on a plate, with the above being perfect examples.

This effectively acts as an instruction manual for your photo. It tells the person looking at it exactly what they should be looking at, and as such brings maximum focus to the subject in question.

It’s Not Just About Tourist Attractions – Remember The People As Well

One of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to travel photography relates to the subjects. Everyone is desperately trying to grab that tourist attraction; whether it’s Big Ben, Niagara Falls, or another popular wonder.

This is perfectly fine; after all, you want to tell the world that you have visited these places. However, you also shouldn’t forget that traveling is all about the people you meet. Whether it’s the street vendor who sells the best food in Bangkok, or the group of friends you met staying at your hostel in Berlin – they all matter. When you look at your photo album decades down the line, it’s memories like these which will be a lot more important to you. Not the places themselves.

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