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How To Show Second Website If First Website Is Down In Iframe?

If you want to set a web page in your IFRAME tag then you can simple add it but if a visitor visit your website and see that your IFRAME is empty and there is not website there then it might hurt him then here comes the problem because no one want to hurt his […]...

How To Check A Server Is Online Or Not Using PHP?

Many apps and online tools that are working through a server always need a checking script to check that is the server running or not before procesing the rest opf codes. So for this purpose there are many tools and script. Like if you want to check your server status from your apps ot tools [&helli...

How To Create An HTML Working Contact Form For Your Blog & Website

You Don’t Have Need To Any Contact Form Builder Or Provider. Here Are The Simple & Easy Step To Do. CLICK HERE TO SEE DEMO This Tutorial Will Teach You How To Create A Very Simple Contact Form For HTML Based Website & Blog.First Of All Create 2 Files: contactform.html and contact.php. ...