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5 Good Reasons Why Agile Development Is Better Than Other

Agile software development is trending in 2014 with more consumer using web-based applications to purchase goods and services. Essentially, the use of this type of development helps a business to reach goals in their business plan at a faster and more efficient rate. If you are based out of Bristol,...

Reasons Why Run Of The Mill Programmers Continue To Get Hired

Whether you are a connoisseur of software technology, or just another jack-or-jenny-of-all-trades, you will vouch for the fact that the growing traction by the PHP framework can be owed to all the right reasons. This highly resourceful framework gives me a sense of affordability, not only in terms o...

Change Your Web Page CSS To User Selected CSS File

The beauty and attractiveness of a webpage or website depends upon the themes and skin of that very webpage or website. The theme or the skin of webpage is usually stored in a style sheet that is either embedded internally or linked externally. In both cases the style sheet is the main part that giv...

How To Block Any AdBlocker On Your Site Or Blog To Increase Earnings?

In the era of financial problem, Many bloggers started advertisement on there blog to earn some $$$ to full fill there desires and requirements but the AdBlockers software are a kick to the stomach by blocking there ads to be viewed by visitor and stop to get some impressions on it that can generate...

Facebook Error Fixed: “The page at [URL] could not be reached.”

After receiving many emails about this error that Like/Send buttons or Publish buttons are putting in weird content, or getting the wrong images, or things like that. and also experiencing this error my self, I finally realize that it’s time to clear this bug as soon as possible so I...

7 Ways To Design A Landing Page That Converts

You are all set with the possible things on your marketing strategies and plans and they are working out too. You have perfectly designed your webpages, your paid search ads are well going, your ads on social networking sites are doing well and you are successful in receiving a lot of traffic for yo...

How To Use Free Web-Hosting Websites As Free Domain Name?

Now i am going to tell you How To Use Free Web-Hosting Websites As Free Domain Name? If you want a domain name that is available on a free web-hosting website so you don’t have need to create a website over there, you can simply use that was a only domain name provider for your pre-built ...