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How To Convert Any Image Into Text To Display In Web Page Online?

As in the new era of web designing, the first and most important thing is to keep it speed at top instead of design. Everyone know that "A picture is worth a thousand words" and same for designers also so every designer is using images in there websites. But you know better then an image […]


Top 10 Tips For Using Grids For Good Web Design

Whether you’re using a prebuilt, responsive, grid system based on CSS or simply designing around Photoshop guides, grids provide structure and clarity for your website design. When you use a grid framework, the design process is easier and the resulting websites cleaner. Grids are absolutely crucial to good web design. In this article we will […]


Options To Acquire Unused IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 refers to the Internet Protocol version 4, the technology that makes it possible for everyone to connect their devices to the internet. Whenever a smartphone, PC, laptop, Mac or any other device connects to the web, it is assigned a unique IP address such as 22.38.448.448. To transfer the data from one device to […]


How Bad Photoshop Is In The World Of Web Design?

You must have heard about Adobe reader; the most infamous platform through which you can read pdf documents. Am I right? The question is do you know what Adobe Photoshop is? Many of you reading this might not have even heard about it before now, so if you haven’t this is the perfect time to […]


For Newbies: How To Add .html In WordPress Posts Permalink?

If you migrated from Blogger To WordPress then this one is very important to keep your migrated blog healthy as it was on Blogger. WordPress default posts permalinks are www.exeideas.com/?p=5696. Now first of all, you have to make it like preety permalink that we explained in our previous article.


How To Remove “Leverage Browser Caching” In Your Website/Blog?

Leverage Browser caching is an important parameter to speed up your site/blog and that google and y-slow used to analyze the performance of your site/blog. If you will check your site/blog on Google PageSpeed, you will find out that recommended that you have to leverage browser caching to make your site more fast then it […]


How To Make CSS Sprites Images And Use Them To Speed Up Your Site?

According to w3schools, An image sprite is a collection of images put into a single image. A web page with many images can take a long time to load and generates multiple server requests. Using image sprites will reduce the number of server requests and save bandwidth... What Are CSS Sprites? As in the new era, everyone […]


How To Optimize External CSS File For Better Loading?

As you know that external CSS files are important and nearly everyone is using it but it require loading time and slowing down your web speed. So its time to make it load fast so that it will not effect on your page load time. Through using this code, you will also get "Eliminate Or […]