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Lite Loading Social Sharing Buttons Without Any JavaScript

Hi, this time we are with a new code that is actually for a social sharing widgets. Its a alternate of official social sharing button that are 99.99% in JavaScript or JQuery that can make your site load time too hight but here we have the same feature in HTML-CSS only. Here there is no […]...

New Twitter Followers/FanBox Widget With Faces For Blog And Website

First of all one this to mention that it is not an official widget by Twitter Inc, This is created by MusicPaax (A Third Party). So When some one use this to follow you account, then he have to first accept this Twitter Apps.This Twitter Fan Box ca easily be edited by there online dashboard. Th...

Win-8 Style Social Network Widget For Blogger And Website Sidebar

Hello bloggers and webmasters, We hope that everyone are doing good. After releasing many social network widgets before, here we are something new as we all know that there are unlimited benefits available in social media platforms for promoting our blog/website. So nearly everyone have its social c...
Awesome Windows 8 Style Social POP-Up Widgets For Blog/Site

Awesome Windows 8 Style Social POP-Up Widgets For Blog/Site

Are You Using Win-8 On Your PC? Did You Like It’s Desktop? So Why You Don’t Have Same Desktop For Your Blog? Now Add Awesome Windows 8 Style Social POP-Up Widgets For Blog/Site In Easy Way.How can you tell that a blog or a website is successful? Obviously, some would say that it depends ...

Awesome Moving Social Trucks Widget For Blog And Website

Here we have new, awesome and stylish moving social trucks convoy widget for blog and website based upon pure HTML code even without <style>, <script> Or $ Codes Or Files to make your web more stylish then it is. This is another awesome creation from marquee tag that we have described ea...

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Subscribe, YouTube J-Query PoP Out Widget For Your Blog & Website

The Simple Question Is That We Are Going To Solve Is “How To Add Stylish And Awesome J-Query POP OUT Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Subscribe, YouTube Widget On Your Blog & Website To Spice Them Up And Can Get More Real Fans And Followers?” I try to give you Facebook, Twitter, Googl...

Awesome CSS Slides-Out Social Widgets For Blog And Website.

Another Hack To J-Query..!!!It’s Pure CSS But With J-Query Effect That Make It 99.99% Same As J-Query Widget That I Have Posted Earliers In Two Version…1.) Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Subscribe J-Query PoP Out Widget For Your Blog & Website2.) Facebook, Twitter, Google ...