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How A WordPress Website Can Be Protected From Hackers?

Among all available CMSs (Content Management Systems) in the web development world, WordPress is a special one in every aspect. It is the most powerful blogging tool and content management system ever empowering 60 million websites with 23.3% absolute usage. WordPress is user as well as developer-friendly web development platform. You can easily customize and […]


FashTech Where Technology Meets Fashion – Infographic

Technology today is not just limited to work places and labs where it used to be a couple of decades ago. It has grown a lot over the years and today it is everywhere even present at our living rooms, kitchens, bed-rooms and even in our toilets. It won’t be incorrect if we say technological […]


Blogger Completely Banned For Posting Sexually Explicit Content

If you visited your Blogger dashboard then you must have see the below message at warning that is another step by Blogger to keep it clean. This is the step where also Blogger updated it Adult Content Policy after seeing many adult blogs on Blogger. Currently Blogger is in one on top 3 Blogging platform […]


The Ultimate Guide To Local SEO

Honestly, lets admit it. Local SEO can be a major PAIN. I see ‘the struggle’ all the time! Business owners outsourcing their SEO only to LOSE $1000’s of dollars. (Not to mention also being de-ranked from the black-hat SEO techniques being used!) Not fun… Another thing I constantly see is a business owner STRENUOUSLY trying to perform local SEO. Try, […]


Top 8 Most Efficient And Effective Online Marketing Tips

When it comes to online marketing, you can never be sure which campaigns will go viral. If you follow these tips, however, all of your campaigns will have the potential to go viral, and the odds will always be in your favor.


Design Change: Running From Me To You

UX design actually means user experience design. If we would talk about its first appearance, some researchers would find the roots of it even since late 1940s when the concentration on the interaction between human users and machines was a very important sphere. However, talking more specifically it could be connected with the era of […]


First Impressions: How To Create An Unforgettable Home Page?

Designing a homepage for your website seems easy enough – throw your contact details up there with a few links and hours of operation and you’re done, right? Wrong. Most businesses struggle with their websites for the first few years, or they suffer at the hands of a “creative” web designer. If you don’t have […]