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How To Setup OpenDNS Or GoogleDNS In Windows 7?

If you are experiencing internet connection errors and your internet connection is working fine then it means that there is a DNS problem and your internet service provider DNS is not working well. It also may be occur if local internet service provider probably doesn’t have the fastest DNS server...
EaseUS Partition Master Pro

All In One PC Drive Partition Software- EaseUS Partition Master Review

EaseUS is a data securing company established in 2004. They are working from their first day to secure there users data and serve what they want at best. Their goal is to move on and secure there users data at all cost for that they took care of 180 countries and still moving forward as […]...

Top 15 Best Windows Productivity Apps For Your Daily Use

In today’s competitive and busy society, getting things organized and well managed is the key to staying ahead and being successful. Although some people still use traditional task management, such as writing on post-its and sticking them on the wall, you don’t have to use that method anymore. T...

Top 5 Best Free Antivirus For Your Computer To Defend From Viruses

Computer virus is a program that is not orientated towards the computer user and its activities don’t serve the investments of computer user. The virus is intended to disturb the work of the computer, degenerate the information put away on the hard circle, make access rights for different user...

How To Convert A JPEG Image Into An Editable Word Document?

If you ever need to convert a JPEG image into an editable word document, then you will find many software offering you to do that conversion. But finding a reliable and accurate software is not that easy. What if it happens that your downloaded software doesn’t meet your expectations? However, the...

Top 5 Best Free Backup And Restore Software Tools For Windows

Backing up your essential and official files, information and other sophisticated data is a highly recommended for the office, where data protection is important. Today, it has become lot more easier to protect data and take backups using the top-tier backup software tools and programs. In fact, it ...

Best Desktop Instant Chat Messengers To Stay In Touch With Friends

Chatting through smartphone messengers has become one of the most common forms of online communication, and it is also the most cost-friendly way to communicate when you are sitting at opposite ends of the map (you avoid the expensive international calls and SMS charges).  Informa conducted a study...