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Confused About Buying Mobile Phone? Compare And Find The Right One

In the new era of technology, there are many mobiles phones available in market with just a penny difference of there price and also just a different chip in there motherboard so its really confusing for what you have to go. From outside, all looks awesome but thats is no it to go for it […]


Top 10 Tips For Making Successful Android Applications

In current scenario Eye Catching design and innovative idea for an application has no guarantee of success until your application consumed less battery and memory with user friendly interface and dashboard. Developer must produce the application in such a manner that it’s run smoothly in efficient way with user friendliness to get success.


How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer?

To most of Android users, transferring text messages from mobile to computer is considered as common thing in mobile phone daily usages. But Google executive chairman Erich Schmidt took announcement that migrating data between mobile and computer is not common. Furthermore, he had statement on teaching users how to “detection” the data transferring. In this […]


How To Recover Deleted Contacts, Messages From Android Phone?

Data recovery software becomes more popular nowadays due to digital data loss scenarios. IT engineers has suggested that there are more than 80 percent of users who encountered important data loss such as formatted drives, hard disk crashes, power failure, virus/worm infection and other data loss situations. The lost text documents, photos and contact information […]


Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

There are a number of tools, apps and software programs available online for measuring SEO performance. Many SEO companies and business websites owners love these applications because they make a huge difference when it comes to being the best! However some of the apps are not handy especially when the business owners are always on […]


Top 3 Hot Reason That Will Confirm You Why To Track Mobile Phones?

Making use of a cell phone or tablet to chat with friends is something that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year, especially amongst teenagers and the younger generation. Earlier there was only one or two such apps that allowed track mobile phones fully, there are now quite a few available to […]


Top 5 Android Security Risks Which You Should Be Aware Of

Smartphones are a contemporary, innovative and personal addition of technology to our lives. Being a personal device, it caters to all our needs just like a P.A does; only that it is error free. This is why one needs to take care of their smartphones at much higher level because they're prone to security risks. […]


Best Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Movie Watching Experience On Smartphones

We love watching videos, be it movies, TV series or just about anything that catches our attention and keeps us hooked. It could be informative, entertaining or even disgusting, but we just love the idea of watching things moving- actors, fields, cars, dialogues, sound, etc., providing us the complete audio-visual wholesome entertainment. I'm sure we […]