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How To Launch An App That Leaves High Impact On The World?

You must have seen apps going viral these days. This is normal these days but have you ever wondered how these applications go viral? Are these apps just destined to get viral or there is some kind of strategic mind behind all this? There is definitely a planned strategy behind all this. So if you [...

4 Popular Apps That Will Inspire Newbies In iOS Apps Development

Does creating a successful iOS application really requires a lot of experience and heavy marketing strategies? No, not necessarily. For the newbies in app development, it doesn’t matter if you lack enough experience in mobile application realm. All what you need is to set a goal with innovativ...

Tips To Strengthen Your Mobile Server Against Any Security Breach

As a mobile server provider, data security is an important part of your business. When you take into account all the data that is stored on your server in a virtual format, you will easily realise the fact that loss of such data can cause irreversible damage to your business. Data protection is howe...

How To Make An Apps That People Actually Want It?

On the surface, making apps looks easy. After all, these days kids are making apps during after school programs! If kids can create an app in an afternoon, surely you can create The Next Big App within a couple of months, right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong: For one thing, the apps that kids are [&hellip...

A Handy Guideline On Creating Icons For Android Apps

How many of you are aware of the fact that the worth of an app is determined by its icon? I’m sure not many of you would’ve known this. Well, as per a study conducted by the very popular UX firm called Create with Context, it has been discovered that a user’s initial perception of ...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: 5 Reasons Why One Should Not Buy

The South Korean Smartphone manufacturers, Samsung are all set to launch the stripped down version of their flagship, Samsung Galaxy S5 in India. This latest smartphone is named as Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos, and is expected to hit the stores very soon. This smartphone was announced back in July. A...

Top 10 Free And Best TV And Movie Android Apps Collection

Hello guys, Today we are sharing with you some most popular and working Top Best TV and Movie Apps for Android mobile, Now technology is really so fast increasing, all biggest apps companies and small companies are trying to share something new and advance with peoples, Means all had high compilatio...