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How To Delete Google Plus or Google+ Account Without Deleting Gmail Account?

If you don't want to use the Google+ anymore or you want to get rid of your Google+ account and want to remove your Google+ Account we will share a guide with you here. Most users are worried if they delete the Google Plus account they may accidentally delete their Google account, Google Reader, Gmail […]


Official Google Plus Profiles URL With Your UserName

Here is the Question that How to Set a Custom URL / Username for your Google Plus Profile?Google Plus has created a lot of buzz since its beta launch last month. It is unbelievable to see the growth of the new social network in just one month. It is reported that Google+ now has over […]


How To Embed Facebook & Twitter In Google Plus?

This is a new extension for those who want to save there Browsers Tabs and kept low load on your browser after opening your social network in google plus one tab. How To Embed Facebook & Twitter In Google Plus ?Just Install Google Chrome And Then Install The Two Extension Given Below And Then Your Google Plus Account Will […]


How to Get Custom Google Plus Account URL?

A fast and easy way to create a Custom Shortcut URL for yourGoogle Plus Business Page (or personal page).Fred Griffin of Get There Social Media showsCustom URLs in Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, then shows you How To create a Custom URL using the Gplus.To website. 1. Create your Google Plus Page2. Go to your Page […]

AutoSave Your Data For Google Plus

AutoSave Your Data For Google Plus

Description:-Automatically save the text, and restore it. Automatically save your posts Automatically post text window and save the stream, "Load" button can be restored. Sister accidentally stepped on a link, you can use to back up is gone for a long time.  (Icons by Webdesignshock, courtesy of Iconshock)


Top Best Google Plus Extension For Chrome

Here is the best collection for chrome extention... - +Everything:This extension adds the Google+ bar to all websites. - +1 Button: Plus one every page you like with only one click, directly from omnibox, without any annoying popup - Color Bar Changer: Changes color of Google Plus bar to green, pink or blue.Warning!: Unofficial, proceed […]


How To Write An Empty Post In Google Plus?

Now A Days some people want to write an empty post like in facebook in Google plus, So Today i am going to tell you How To Write An Empty Post In Google Plus? in easy steps, Just do the following step and you will get empty post with your name only, You can also […]