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SSL Certificate – Will It Provide Complete Solution For Website Security?

An SSL Certificate will definitely provide complete solution for website security. In order to understand how an SSL Certificate provides security it would be better to first know what an SSL certificate is and how it functions towards providing security. An SSL certificate is computer code that contains information about the genuineness or authenticity of […]


Google Voice Search – Your Brand Ready To Search For The Voice?

Voice search is easier than entering text; we all know. We can talk about something much more natural than we can write. Most of us are looking for a quick fix or a way to make multitasking more efficient use interfaces and perfectly suitable conversation. Google says its Voice Search becomes faster and superior. The […]


Is Paying For Antivirus Worth It Or Not?

Almost everyone now uses a paid antivirus software; but still, once in a while, you get to hear someone ask this seemingly out-of-place question- “Is paying for antivirus really worth it?” Well, we all perhaps know the answer. In today’s world, with internet having pervaded our day-to-day lives in an unprecedented manner, we can’t survive […]


Moment To Spare Kids From Menace Of Social Media Apps

The growing rate of teen-related crimes on social media is a source of natural pain and concern to the parents. Every parent wants their kids to be always safe and protected, but not knowingly the parents become helping in spoiling their own children. The social media becomes the only choice of every second kid when […]


10 Ways To Measure Your Social Media Success

If you want your business to be successful across the globe and want to make it more interactive, social media is your best bet. Social media is a self-explanatory term that explains that it is a formation of community and people. Measuring the success of social media is important to find out where your business […]


Open/Close New DIV Along With Old DIV On Click

Playing with DIV in HTML-CSS is too awesome but it will become more awesome when you need it to make your look more awesome and eye catching from user end so you can add these types of widgets on your web page or blog with some cool stuff in it to make your web page […]


Three Most Common Email Marketing Myths

Though it may seem that email marketing is just like the older types of digital communication but in reality, email marketing is an amazingly dynamic space. It has progressed dramatically from the days of the email-blast method to today’s highly targeted and most advanced marketing-automation campaigns. With the pace at which changes are taking place, […]