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How To Change CSS Of A Web Page Automatically On Reload?

You can change your whole site CSS on every reload so that the user will be happy to see the new color theme on your every reload of page. The CSS will also be change when user will open your any new page or post. This can attract your visitor and can make your traffic […]...

How To Add Opacity On Background Image Using CSS?

Sometime a designer need to add some opacity to his web background images but for this he cant use opacity:0.5; like code as it drop full div/body opacity with data/text inside it that he do not want so to add opacity on background, some suggest to add a 1pxX1px opacity pixel on div background that ...

How To Add Stroke Around Text Using CSS Customization?

As in the era of CSS, every thing can be done by CSS. Now as you know that strokes was only made through Photoshop and other photo editing software but now CSS make it ore easy to do it online. Now you can add strokes around your text using pure CSS only....

Awesome Windows-8 Style Loading On Desired Links In Your Webpage

I think that you are using Windows 8. Did you Experience Windows 8 Live On A Blogspot Blog By EXEIdeas, Not then do it now. We used this code there so you can see the live DEMO in more awesome way. Now so you have experienced the loading animation whenever you open an apps or software on [...

Pure CSS3 Smooth Scrolling To A DIV OnClick Without JavaScript Too

You have heared and saw jquery and javascript smotth scrolling to a div or anchors tag on a page but here we found a Pure CSS code that is doing the same but without any javascript or jquery. This CSS3 code is working on :target property and smothness is give by trasition property. So all […]...

How To Disable Mouse On Anywhere On Your Blog And Website?

As there are many CSS codes that are still not in front of newbies so here we are sharing and below is one of that. The below CSS code is used to stop function of mouse pointer that can cause many other word like stop copying text, stop highlighting text, stop draging or droping and […]...

How To Make Active Menu Anchors Link OnClick Through CSS?

Here we are with a CSS code that you know already if you are a pro or you have seen this many times in blogs and websites of single page. This menu bar is actually for anchors menu link that mean this menu bar will work on same pages links. This work is simple like […]...