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New JSON Search Box For Blogger To Search Quick With Perfect Results

You have ever use Google Custom Search box to your blog using search widget or many time Q-Value search that didn't have more features as this time JSON search have. JSON search actually get user query and garb the same content from blogger feed that is made by blogger content so in actually we will […]


Latest/Recent Posts Pure JavaScript Scrolling Bar Widget For Blogger

After releasing many latest/recent post blogger, Latest post for labels widgets, Here we are with another widget that is coded lightly. There are many fixed bars that you are using or you blog for latest post, news or anything else like Hulo Bar, Fixed Top Bar, Simple Scrolling Recent/Latest Blogger Post Bar With Close Button" […]


Simple EXE-Code Box With Double Colour And Line No For Blog And Site

After sharing Prettify Coloured Tags CodeBox With LineNo, Here we are with new one that have not a quite list of design that previous one have  but its more SEO supported because its codes is too short then previous one and ok for normal blogs without CDN. So here this one is designed by our […]


Prettify Coloured Tags CodeBox With LineNo For Blog And Sites

Many bloggers and webmaster are now currently blogging on widgets and codes so for this purpose they need a code box where they can share there codes to the used that can also eat less space on there post and page but will give full features and look awesome in reading. So for this purpose […]


How To Add Background Music With On/Off Button In Blogger/Website?

Hi, Did you ever think to add music on youe site/blog? then you just stuck on a point that what to do who dont want it. So here we have solution for both. From here you can add background music to your blog or site without having any player embed and play it automatically but […]

New Awesome Big Thumbnail Latest And Random Post Widget

New Awesome Big Thumbnail Latest And Random Post Widget

Few days ago, we posted a tutorial about How To Add Automatic Recent/Latest Posts JQuery Slider For Blogger?. Many of you like that due to saving your time by updating your slider manually. But it require a JQuery and a slider file to run that can make your blog loading time slightly high. Also many […]


Awesome Corner Page Peel Effect On Hover With RSS Link

Sometime you can see some blogs at the top corner when you can move cursor to that flipped page that corner flipped page animate and you can see the notes behind that. Most of people understand that this effect is make by any flash content but its not true. You can also put that type […]


Stylish Flip Over Book On Hover Without J-Query

Numerous tricks and tips executing on blog to magnetize visitors/readers view on widgets is a high quality of intelligence. Most of the webmasters are implementing these type of blogger tricks and blogger tips on their blogs but we provide high quality of content on ourblog for its valuable readers. This is the best animated widget […]