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Fix Mixed Content Error On Your Blogspot Blog

After the new update of Google Blogger where you can use free HTTPS secure certificates over your default domains to secure your blog in users eyes so HTTPS also want to secure it from back end also that why it doesn’t want to get or garb any data from non-secure sites thats why this is [&hell...

Fetch Data From Blogger Feed Using Pure JavaScript

Like every blog, Google Blog’s have there own Feed that can be called by many ways for your work. You can get the data from blogger feed means blogs and can use it anywhere. It is built for the purpose of Fetching Data From Blogger Feed. You can use many languages to Fetch Data From […]...

How To Use Parameters In Google Blogspot Blog Feed?

This post presented for me to understanding the “Query Parameters in Blogspot Feed”. As we know, the URL to get feed items of our blog is You can review this feed after as my blog feed :

How To Stop Redirecting Your Blogger To Country-Specific URLs?

Blogger introduces few year ago that your blog will be redirected to the country specific URL if your site is opening in their country to speed up your blogs as to deliver the data from there closest server but in view of SEO, its too bad for everyone....

A Guide To Speed Up Your Blogspot Blogger Blog With Awesomeness

Hello Blogspot Bloggers! Hope you are blogging well. Here We are with you to share our experience that is much more as compare to my knowledge. As you know that we are also using Blogger as our Blog platform so we are doing experiment daily on it to make it more better as it is… […]...

How To Add Awesome Codes Blocks In Blogspot Posts?

You have noticed in most of the blogs having a separate background for html codes in blogs.But the small bloggers dont know this so i’m gonna say you how to do that one. It’s simple and stylish and will make your blog awesome,¬†While creating any Post, If you want to show the special Cod...

How To Redirect All 404 Not Found Page To The Home Page In Blogger?

Generally it is very irritating when some reach internet and that they found of which link isn’t a more are present. To deal with a such a situation Blogger team has now introduce a search desire feature to help optimize our own post in Google search. there tend to be several solutions to thro...