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Best Desktop Instant Chat Messengers To Stay In Touch With Friends

Chatting through smartphone messengers has become one of the most common forms of online communication, and it is also the most cost-friendly way to communicate when you are sitting at opposite ends of the map (you avoid the expensive international calls and SMS charges).  Informa conducted a study and found that people are sending more messages using mobile-based instant messaging services than regular messaging services offered by carriers.

However, most of us still spend plenty of time at our desktop computers, so being able to use instant messengers on PC as well as message across mobile platforms and desktops is a feature that is all too often overlooked by service providers. There are services such as Google Hangouts that operate from the browser, but only a few have applications for Windows and Mac PCs.

The options get even more limited when it comes to desktop instant chat messengers for staying in touch with peers. Here are the ones that let you communicate with people you genuinely want to from your desktop; they come with a neat and simple interface and don’t require any technical knowledge to get started:


Digsby is a multi-functional instant chat messenger from dotSyntax, LLC. It presents a combined friend list from your Google Hangout, Facebook Chat, Jabber, ICQ, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo chat accounts in a single interface to start chatting. The desktop app also displays tabbed conversation windows, which enables you to keep track of multiple chats.

Digsby also provides email alerts via IMAP, POP and webmails such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL mail. Emails can be sent to any of the contacts right from the instant messenger. And Digsby also recently added newsfeeds and support alerts for LinkedIn and Twitter for keeping you updated around the clock. Alerts are received for activity such as new messages, friend requests, group invites, etc.


Facebook Chat Instant Messenger:

This is the ideal instant messenger for keeping in touch with friends. It can be downloaded quickly and the main advantage of this Facebook chat manager is that it lets you use the FB chat feature without having to log on the social networking site. It gives users a chance to chat with Facebook friends directly from their desktops.

Also, Facebook Chat messenger includes characteristics that are similar to the usual Facebook chat function; users can configure their privacy settings from this software and enjoy sound alerts for outgoing and incoming messages. The uncluttered interface makes it pretty simple to use, so even beginners know what to do. The only credentials required is the email address and Facebook password, and the desktop all will list all your contacts, after which you can click on any of them to start chatting.


This software is a stone-alone, fully stocked desktop chat client that supports ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, IRC and AIM networks. Trillian comes with multiplatform support so it can also be used on Mac OS X, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, and the Web, apart from Windows PCs.

Trillian works perfectly on desktop computers and also lets you continue chatting from where you left when you switch from desktop to mobile. With Trillian, you can update Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on these messengers, or add to the list in the comments section below.

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