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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Sites That Will Help Your Blog To Make Money

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Top Sites That Will Help Your Blog To Make Money

Starting your own blog may sound like a simple process, but once you get into it you may find out how challenging it can be to market it. A lot of writers are creating outstanding content on their blogs, but the information is not getting read because they are not connecting with other sites that can help their blogs gain visibility.

You have the potential to make some great money when you start blogging, but this can only happen if you devote time to your blog to get it running properly. Have realistic expectations when it comes to blogging. Not everyone will become the next Perez Hilton with their blog. Here are some sites that will help your blog make money.


One of the best ways to start boosting profits for your blog is to sell advertising space on the blog. Try using the Google AdSense program because it allows you to generate some money by posting ads on your blog. Based on the amount of visibility the blogs receive, you can start to earn some serious money. If you choose to use AdSense, you will need to copy and paste a code on your website.

This is a nice way to make money because it will give you access to a large network of advertisers, which can help you find companies that correspond with your customer base.

Amazon Associates:

Do you want to earn a portion of the sales that come through a sale made on Amazon? If you are creating a blog post about a certain product, link it to Amazon and you will get a small percentage of the sale with the Amazon Associates program. This is a great way to earn some extra revenue and gain loyal followers that like your product reviews and other things on your blog.

Top Sites That Will Help Your Blog To Make Money

Paid Posting:

Another way to make money with your blog is to link up with other blogs. Some guest posting blogs will allow you to include a link to your blog for free, others may charge for it. There are opportunities to become a guest blogger and get paid for your work. It is important to research the various companies out there because there are approximately 180 million bloggers.

You want to make sure you are working for a company that provides paying work and gives you credibility. The great thing about becoming a blogger is not only the fact that you are paid to write, you are able to expand your knowledge base. This can help you learn how to structure your own blog to make it profitable through different advertising methods and sponsorship opportunities.


A great way to start making a lot of money is by writing and selling an e-book. If you have extensive knowledge in your field, you can easily get people to pay for an e-book. Blogging gives away a lot of free information, especially if you are posting on your own blog. Creating an e-book and selling it on your blog can encourage existing customers to purchase the book. Use Amazon and other websites to help you promote your e-book and gain even more followers for your blog.

This article was written by blogger Juliette Kumari Kern. She has an enthusiasm for sharing is knowledge of blogging with others who are new to the game of blogging. If you would rather hire a professional for your business page, or just need a little help getting started, check out cool blue web.

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