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Monday, December 31, 2012

Get Free Likes On Your Facebook Status Or Pic Now

This Article Was Live On: Monday, December 31, 2012 And Till Now Have.
Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

After receiving many messages and emails about any working, spam free and cool AutoLiker, Here we are with a new 100% free Facebook status, photos, videos, feeds AutoLiker that will increase likes on your FaceBook with entering and using your access token and can be use at unlimited objects at unlimited times. Yes, You listen right. It's only require your access token and nothing else. We are using Official Skype Apps for getting token so don't worry about your account security. Now it's time to get directly likes on you status, photos, videos, feeds without any extra steps and work. The last question is that "How To Get Facebook Likes On Facebook Status, Facebook Photo, Free Feed in just a minute free of cost through free online service." That is also nice and here we have one more for you.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

So here we have a new AutoLiker that is easy to use and quick to load and is designed to run on any platform through it's responsive design and cross browser support but we recommend Chrome because it's know as world best browser. Now without any more preface, here we go straight to the features list and have a look on then then check out the tutorial below that is step by step with screenshot also.

New FaceBook AutoLikerIncrease Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker


1.) Likes On Unlimited Status Without Any Timedelay.
2.) Only Access Token Needed.
3.) This Works On Exchange Like Rule..
4.) 100% Free Of Scam And Spam.
5.) Will Not Post Anything From Your Account To Any Wall.
6.) Responsive Template For Every Platform.
7.) Quick To Load And Easy To Use.
8.) Simple And Stylish Template.
9.) Good Hosting Company...
10.) Your Access Token Will Be Secure.

Full Step By Step Tutorial:

1.) First Of All , Allow Followers To Your Profile And Edit Setting To Public Then Write A Status Or Upload A Pic And Make There Setting Visible To Public As Shown Below.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

2.) Then Open The Website That Is Shown In The Below Pic.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

3.) Now Click On The (Click Here) Link To Allow The Skype Official Apps And Allow The Skype Apps.

4.) After Allowing Skype Apps This Link Will Leads You To Move On New Page And Get Your Access Token From There. (Not Able To Get Access Token, Then See The New Tutorial About "How To Get Access Token Of My Facebook Profile?")

5.) Now Copy Your Access Token Code Only And Go Back To AutoLiker Main Page And Enter Your Token To That Input Field And Click "Submit Your Access Token" To Proceed Forward.

6.) After Proceeding, You Will Experienced The Follow Page There.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

7.) Now Get Your Desired Post/Status/Video/Photo ID Codes. (Not Able To Get ID Code, Then See The New Tutorial About "How To Get FaceBook Status/Photo/Video ID-Codes Online?")

8.) Copy And Paste Your Desired ID Code In The Upper Input Box And Click The Button "Like My This ID Status" And Wait.

9.) Now You Have To Wait About A Min Or Above And You Will See A Loading Icon. Please Wait.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

9.) Now After One Min You Will Experienced A "Success" Page Like Below.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker

10.) Check Out Your Likes Count, Don't Worry If You Have Low Because It Will Remain Increasing About 15-30 Min. Check Again Later Or Try Later..

11.) Now If You Want Likes On Other ID, Just Click The Button Says" Get Likes On Other ID" And Then Again "Get Likes On It" Button Appear And You Have Full Rights To Get Likes Again Without Any Time Delay. Don't Forget To Share This.

12.) Increase Your Likes And Enjoy. For Rest Of Question, Just Read Out FAQs.

Some General FAQs:

Q1) Why To Add My "AccessToken" Code?
Ans) You Have To Enter You Access Token To Login Into The AutoLiker.

Q2) Can I Get Likes On My FaceBook Groups And Pages Status, Photos, Videos, Feeds?
Ans) Yes, You Can Get Likes On Everywhere Like Profile, Groups And FanPage Status, Videos, Feeds And Photos.

Q3) What Is The "Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code" Term?
Ans) Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code Means That There We Need Your That FaceBook Post ID Codes On That You Want Likes.

Q4) How To Make My Status "Public"?
Ans) When Your Are Posting Any Status Or Photo, Just Hold A Second And Open The Light "Gray Button" Just At The Left Site Of "Post" Button And Scroll Down To "Public"And Select It, Then Click On "Post" To Published Your Status. (Check Out The 3rd Image Above)

Q5) How To Get ID Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code?
Ans) The Answer Is In Step-7 Above. But If You Didn't Found It, Just Open Our Previous Post That Have Full New Tutorial About "How To Get FaceBook Status/Photo/Video ID-Codes Online?")

Q6) What About This?
Ans) It Mean That You Are Getting Likes, Please Wait.

Q7) How To Allow Subscriber/Followers To Your Own Facebook Profile?
Ans) Go To This Link And Click To "Allow Subscriber".

Q8) How To Set Up My Public Profile To Subscribers?
Ans) Go To This Link And Change Your Setting.

Q9) What I Am Not Getting Likes?
Ans) You Are Not Using Our Tutorial Perfectly Or Servers Is Downed Or This Feed/Status Is Either Not Public Or Did Not Get By Program Properly, Please Clear Your Browsers Cookies And Clear Your Browsers Cache Then Try Again. Please Try Again Or Contact Admin.

Q10) How To LogOut From This Site?
Ans) Just Click "LogOut" Button In Blue Color As Shown In Above ScreenShoot.

Q11) Site Is Not Opening?
Ans) There Is A Server Maintenance Time, Please Wait Few Minute And Try Again Later.

Q12) Can I Use It On Mobile?
Ans) Yes. Its Responsive For All Devices But We Personally Recommend Chrome To Feel Our Powerful Service.

Q13) What Is The Idea Behind This?
Ans) We Does Not Provide Fake Likes, We Just Exchange Likes Between Our Members That You Can See On "Active Members" Page As Shown In Above ScreenShoots.

Q14) From Where The Likes Comes?
Ans) They Will Exchange Likes With There Other Liker Users. If You Add Anything (Status, Photo, Feed) You Will Be Liked By Our Other Users And When They Submit Anything, Then They Will Get Likes From You.

Q15) I Have An Other Problem?
Ans) Send A Msg On FaceBook Profile Of Rohan Baneker



Warning: EXEIdeas Are Not Responsible For Any MissUse Of Your Account.

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