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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How To Write Numeric Code Of Facebook Page Profile For Facebook?

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How To Write Numeric Code Of Facebook Page/Profile For Facebook?

I Am Here To Solve How To Tag Or Mention Someone's Profile Or Page In Your Status, Comment, Photo Or Video To Inform Him As Be Listed In His Notification Lists And Also Will Be Redirected To That Profile After Click On That Blue Tag Text In An Easy Way? Similar to mentioning someone on Twitter , Facebook also allows you to do the same by using the @ symbol followed by the beginning of the page you want to tag. Once you insert the @ symbol a drop down list will appear like below so you can choose whom you want to spark a conversation with. Once you have tagged a Facebook page, not only will they page owner see receive a notification to know they have been tagged but everyone who reads your post can now see the business’ page as well. Hopefully they will appreciate the extra awareness.

There are people who post about text arts in Facebook status but have you seen any of such arts in blue color or with SeeMore text? Have you seen the same Blue Text In Facebook arts linking to a particular Facebook Fan Page? Some might have been seen this. Few days ago, I heard a trick to tag someone with a different name on Facebook but that trick is not working now as Facebook patched it. But now, the same trick is working again but with some conditions. Also, Text arts like memes can also be made. This sounds cools and also when you see such Facebook posts, you will be wondering how they do it! Now, it’s time for you to create such arts.

As you also have seeing in some status of Facebook that after clicking on the status it will be redirect to Facebook Fan Page Or someone Facebook Profile.Now it is solved for everyone and is out for you. So for this you have to get ID of that target first and the golden formula by which you can create your working URL In your Facebook status easily. Today I Am Going To Tell You How To Get Numeric Code With Link Of Facebook Page?

How To Write Numeric Code Of Facebook Page/Profile For Facebook?

Before Continiuing To Our Main Tuotorial, Just Have A Look On Common Msg That Is Running On Facebook As You Have Also Seen Some Message Like This In That After Answering, There Appear A Text That Is Also Linked To There Location...
1.) Copy this two lines :-@+[267642143271329:0] @+[311722825508110:0]2.) Paste on the comment line,3.) Cut off the +,4.) Press "Enter",And See The Magic...!!!


‎!!..Best Game Of The day..!!Just Imagine,you broke up wit ur lover. After 10years you see him/her. If u say ♥"HEY, I LOVE YOU" ♥What would be his/her reply?To know, ♥>Copy ANY ONE of the the lines below. ♥@+[145480518867077:0]@+[227988461157:0]@+[207496440029:0]@+[250786013666:0]@+[109640345768180:0]@+[105641799525521:0]@+[192333250788571:0]@+[113119318702609:0]@+[164867980269754:0]@+[174723254561:0]=> paste it In comment box,delete '+' symbol & then post it.>You can see what's her reply....! ♥Lets See What Is Your Ans :D:D

For This Awesome Trick, You Must Know About Some Basics That Are In The Form Of Some Question That Are Also Answred Below In Short But Ok. These All Tags Are Facebook Page Names POr Your Profile Name And When You Enter That Code In Comment There Appears A Facebook Page Or Facebook Profile Name With Link To There Relative Page/Profile...

How To Get Your Status Code?

For Your Status Code, You Must Have To Formula That Will Convert The Code Into Ther Link To Your Profile/Page And That Is So Simplae As Given Below.
Here Is The Formula...
Just Change This "YourIDCode" With Your ID Code That You Can Fing Through Below...

How To Get ID Code?

The Main Thing Is Your Profile Or Page ID Code That Will Help You In Many Tricks Also So For This Trick, We Just Create Another Article That Will Fully Explained You Step By Step That Ho To Fetch It And Use It, Just Click The Following Link To Move There...

How To Put On Your Facebook Profile?

Here You Get Your Link Code(Tag Yourself) For Your Facebook.
Copy Paste Your Link Code To Facebook Status Or Comment And Press Enter.
Your Link Code Can Be Create From Above Described Formula And After Editing That Will Be Like Upper One.

How To Send To Your Facebook Friend?

If You Want To Share It With Your Friends Then You Can't Share It Directly Because It Will Converted Into A Link To Your Profile And Visitor Can't Use This To Tag You Again In There Status/Photo/Video. Just Type Some Text Like The Following Message To Status Or Comment Or Message...
1.) Copy This Lines :-
2.) Paste on the Comment or Status Field,
3.) Cut off the +,
4.) Press "Enter",
5.) Done.


If You Still Did Not Get, How To Get Facebook ID Code, Have Problem Or Quries, Just Send A Msg To Our FanePage, Our Write A Status On Our FanPage At EXEIdeas FanPage Because Comments Are Closed Now.

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***Receiving This Symbol � While Using This Trick To Tag Because Facebook Banned This Trick For Desktop User, This Is Available For Mobile User Only, If You Want This On PC Then Open Facebook With Then Use This Trick***

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